Coffee Cup named to Locale Magazine’s “8 Places to Get Some of The Best Breakfast in San Diego”

Best Breakfast in San-Diego? This is one: Coffee Cup. Photo by Erik Hale.

1109 Wall St. | La Jolla, CA 92037
Neighborhood: La Jolla
858-551-8514 |
Wake Up With: The Omar Special
Egg whites scrambled with cheese, green onions & tomatoes, topped with grilled chicken & mushrooms with brown rice, pesto and avocado sauce

A tiny diner on a bustling street, Coffee Cup Café stands out among the crowds. Red umbrellas cover the cozy patio that you enter through, and colorful art and booths occupy the one-room restaurant. The Coffee Cup is a place where the coffee has a kick and the food is always fun. Recipes can be read from the upholstery on the booths, and a giant vibrant mural shrouds the space with hearts and coffee cups, sunny-side-up eggs, chickens and salt and pepper shakers. It all makes you feel like sunshine and rainbows in the morning. You can see even more mural art in the bathroom, too! Latin splashes touch each corner of this little joint, and this influence really brings the tiny eatery to life. The food is as colorful as its surroundings. The menu is printed on bright pink paper and offers items like Double Happiness and the Zen Breakfast. It also boasts more than 30 sides to add to any meal. The Breakfast Tacos with home-made corn tortillas were delicious, but the plate that won our prize was Chef de Cuisine Omar Guzman’s very own creation: The Omar Special. A picturesque plate of eggs, chicken and rice, topped with farmer’s market veggies and a divine pesto and avocado sauce, Omar’s Special didn’t last long. Our team of taste-testers couldn’t get enough of the fusion of flavors in the seemingly simple breakfast dish. A blend of Latin, Italian and Asian essences made this morning meal a standout on our eight-stop breakfast bonanza.

Native Knowledge: You may have noticed a similar stamp in other Chino-Latino-style restaurants throughout the area, and that’s probably because the Coffee Cup’s owner is Isabel Cruz who owns five other eateries around town. She was also the original owner of The Mission Restaurant. We love that her Latin flavors have become a legend in San Diego.