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    Easy Peasy Cleaning

    Clean House, Happy Home There is nothing better than waking up to a tidy room, spotless floor, and fresh sheets! There’s something very rewarding about keeping on top of all of your chores and maintaining your home in tip-top shape. A clean environment oftentimes is the key to increased productivity, mental wellbeing, and motivation. It can really aid you in getting out of a slump. No matter what life throws your way, reorganizing your home is a good way to give yourself time to mull everything over. The first (and most important step) is: purging! Chances are, your whole home…

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    How to have a bug-free camping trip

    Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and leave some of our busy lives behind, even if just for a little while. There is nothing like breathing fresh air to escape from the city rush and remind…

  • Stargazer Farm

    Stargazer Farm

    Originally settled in the 1800’s, Stargazer Farm is a historic property perched on a stunning bluff overlooking the confluence of the Sandy and Bull Run rivers in the shadow of Mount Hood. Stargazer Farm is the newest member part of…

  • dragonfly resturant

    Dragon Fly

    Set on the ground floor a 1930’s Baptist church with a cabaret Theatre above it this restaurant couldn’t be more charming. Whether you sit in the cobblestoned, tree lined secret garden or in the hexagon shaped dining room surrounded by…

  • Chef's Table

    Chef’s Table

    The Chef’s Table is located in the Isabel’s Cantina kitchen in San Diego. Guests sit around the large marble slab, in the midst of all the action of the kitchen, as they witness the mastery of their designated chef while…

  • Seaside Cantina

    Seaside Cantina

    Besides the great eclectic menu and coffee, Seaside is situated right on the Ocean Front Boardwalk in Pacific Beach. If the stunning ocean view isn’t enough to keep you hooked, this little cafe also offers some of the most interesting…

  • Isabel's Cantina

    Isabel’s Cantina Cook Book

    From Isabel’s kitchen to yours. In Isabel’s recently released book, Isabel’s Cantina: Bold Latin Flavors from the New California Kitchen, the Los Angeles-raised Latin chef and restaurateur shares the type of deceptively simple recipes of California cuisine, that have made…

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    Isabel Restaurants

    From San Diego, California, all the way up to Portland, Oregon, Isabel’s restaurants, all feature her signature Latin-Asian fusions mixed with the healthiest cusines of the Pacific Rim. Come on in! We can’t wait to feed you! Share this...FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin

  • Cook Book

    Cook Book

    Isabel’s Cantina: Bold Latin Flavors from the New California Kitchen From Isabel’s kitchen to yours. Isabel’s Cantina contains a collection of unique and delicious recipes for every part of the day, featuring the flavors of mango, lime, coconut, ginger and…