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San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week spotlights the city’s delicious dining scene. Coming up on Sept 20-27, 2015!

Isabel’s Cantina & Barrio Star will take part in event!

For more info: http://www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com


Food & Drink: Crafty – Barrio Star | Margaritas for the Soul

Finding a great margarita in San Diego should be pretty easy right? You’d be surprised. A great margarita is made with fresh minimal ingredients and premium Blanco tequila. Too many times I encounter an establishment cutting corners by using a bottled margarita mix or some nasty high fructose triple sec. Not Barrio Star! With the […]


Isabel was thrilled to attend Michael Pollan’s talk at the Salk Institute:

 New York Times bestseller and science journalist Michael Pollan spoke on Thursday, March 13, to a packed auditorium about the history, culture and science of agriculture and plants. In a Q&A-style interview hosted by Salk professor and March of Dimes Chair in Developmental and Molecular Biology Ron Evans, Pollan spoke eloquently on the state of food in America and how what […]


Isabel Cruz was honored to be able to attend a very special event featuring Bestselling author Michael Pollan

Isabel Cruz was honored to be able to attend a very special event featuring Bestselling author Michael Pollan (“The Omnivores Dilemma”, “Cooked”) as he spoke along with other renowned culinary experts at the renowned Salk Institute.