Barrio Star name in San Diego Magazine’s Top 40 for Restaurant Week!

Restaurant Week kicks off Monday. Simple concept. Chefs create a special prix fixe menu. You pick an appetizer, entree and a dessert from a few options. And then they heavily,heavily discount the cost. So, go nuts.

Only problem? There are 187 restaurants this year. A boatload. So I Casey Kasem’d the list down to theRESTAURANT WEEK TOP 40. After eating at a majority over the last six years, I feel your path to enlightenment lays with these—the best, the brightest, the newest, the most generous. I thought about doing a Top 10, but every year the Top 10 are sold out or only have 5PM reservations available. Plus, maybe you just feel like sushi tonight, not fancypants California-Franco cuisine. Or, let’s say you don’t want to drive to La Jolla. This list will give you a quality handful of options—different cuisine, price range, menu—depending on your mood, appetite and geographical concerns.

I then went through every menu and pretended like I was ordering. By no means follow my menu choices. I just liked spending five hours of my day role-playing. And it gives you a decent idea of what they’re serving. Click on any portion of our selects to go to the full menu.

Barrio Star

Isabel Cruz is one of the best Mexican chefs in the city. The New York Times named her 2008 book, Isabel’s Cantina one of the year’s most notable. This is her laidback showcase on Bankers Hill.


Appetizer: Cup of pozole of the day
Entree: Pepita-crusted local seabass w/ jalapeño lime sauce, Mexican rice and steamed greens
Dessert: Flamed bananas