Seaside Cantina

Seaside Cantina

Besides the great eclectic menu and coffee, Seaside is situated right on the Ocean Front Boardwalk in Pacific Beach. If the stunning ocean view isn’t enough to keep you hooked, this little cafe also offers some of the most interesting people watching San Diego has to offer. Early mornings and sunsets are both breathtaking.

Some Customer Comments:

“The most happening coffee house and restaurant in San Diego!”

Seaside Cantina

“The Coffehouse with the best view, great coffee, tea, beverages and decent food in Pacific Beach, possibly all San Diego is the Seaside Cantina. they have seating directly at the boardwalk, people are passing by within a few feet. There is also seating upstairs on some sort of balcony. The view is breathtaking. Straight out is the Pacific Ocean. On the right you can see the Crystal Peer of Pacific Beach. Looking left, the jetty (stone peer) is a few miles down at the end of the boardwalk at the volleyball fields. Local celebrities such as Slomo (the guy listening to music and doing slow-motion inline skating/ rollerblading) are always happy when people cheer at them. When you go for the breakfast with the best view in San Diego, choose the Avocado Scramble or one of their healthy wraps and sandwiches. They make great coffee (Latte Machiato, Cappuchino, Thai Coffee) and offer fantastic tea such as my favorite, the Marrocan Mint (Green Tea and Mint Tea). If you would like something refreshing, try their italian soda. The poisonous looking kiwi flavour is always a pick up on a warm day. Do not be afraid to go there alone. Bring a book to read or have a chat with some of the locals that sit there almost everyday, everytime. They must love this place, and so do I. Have a great time…”

“A great place to grub on PB… it’s right on the beach where everyone strolls by and coasts on their modes of transport: Beach Cruisers, skateboards, rollerblades (apparently their back in style!). I had this awesome mix of potatoes, jalapenos, salsa, cheese, sour cream and a side of black beans while the bf had the quesadillas. One downfall is that they have no beer and this is the perfect scope spot for all the local flavor. We got to experience the G-string cupid, complete with pink wig, wings and a heart drawn on his ass! And then there’s ‘Slo-mo’… this old dude who spends his days doing figure-rollerblading in slow motion. Classic spot.”

“Fresh pan fried rosemary potatoes along with sour cream, chives, black beans, cheese, fresh salsa, and a veggie tortilla….completely awesome.”