How to have a bug-free camping trip

Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and leave some of our busy lives behind, even if just for a little while. There is nothing like breathing fresh air to escape from the city rush and remind ourselves that we are just one part of the abundant world of nature. Being outside can make all of our everyday worries seem insignificant and can help us put things into a new perspective.

But bugs can effectively ruin any camping excursion. Buzzing mosquitos at night, flickering moths that fly around any light source, or ants that will try and steal your food. All of these can be unbearable to a typical city dweller. To fully enjoy the benefits of camping outside overnight we should prepare and prevent bugs from ruining our weekend.

Bug repellents

The most obvious answer to a bug problem is using a bug repellant product. There are many available in a variety of forms, sprays, creams, or gels. These items can be either applied to our bodies directly or around the tent. If you don’t like to use harsh and possibly damaging ingredients you can make your own home-made bug repellant. Some essential oils, like sage or lemongrass, can keep bugs away so dilute them with water in a spray bottle to keep you bug-free and smelling nice. You can also use vinegar if you don’t mind the smell. You can even buy bug repellant accessories like bracelets!

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion are known for their bug-repelling abilities. You don’t need to eat them to feel the effect but keep it in the pockets or maybe rub some on your exposed skin to deter bugs from coming to you. Use these ingredients when cooking outside to spread the garlic and onion aroma around.

Good hygiene

Most bugs are attracted to sweaty, clammy skin so if you feel yourself getting dirty, clean up as soon as possible. Having wet body cleaning tissues on hand when camping can save you from bug bites when there is no shower or lake around. Keeping hydrated is a good way of preventing exhaustion and excessive sweating so never leave without a water bottle.

Proper clothing

Long sleeves and pants can keep most of the mosquitos away and prevent you from becoming their dessert. It is also said that mosquitos can be attracted to the color blue so avoid it when choosing your camping wear.


Lighting a fire is a great way to keep most of the bugs out of your way while enjoying delicious roasted hot dogs and smores.

Screen rooms

For absolute protection use a screen tent when sitting around outside during camping. You will still get all of that fresh air with no bugs included. A pop up screen tent is easy to set up and will keep you 100% bug-free so that you can relax and enjoy camping without worrying about being bitten. A screen tent is a perfect solution for those that squirm at the sight of bugs and just cannot stand them.

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