How to choose the best super automatic espresso machine for you

People who love coffee will often go to great lengths to satisfy their cravings. Often this will imply going to their favorite coffee shop, or trying the latest and greatest cafes in town to truly find the best of them all. Only a select few, though, will go the extra mile to learn the craft of the barista and try their hand at making great coffee at home. While there is a lot of human input in the process, coffeehouses everywhere would not be what they are without their trusty commercial espresso machine. Of course, not everyone can start their own coffee business to justify the expense of one of these machines, but luckily there are super-automatic espresso machines, which are more affordable and designed for passionate coffee lovers. Let’s go the details to see how worth it these machines truly are.

What features do I get with one of these coffee makers?

Professional coffee makers made for consumers rather than businesses pack a whole lot of pro features into a relatively compact machine. Some can be rather large, but most won’t take more space on your countertop than a stand mixer, for instance. They are mostly made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, though some parts can be made out of hard plastic, like the coffee bean storage unit and the water tank of the machine.

The main feature of a super automatic espresso machine is it can do almost everything by itself, meaning that with the press of a button you can have an espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano, and even some other beverages depending on how high-end your coffee machine is. There are a lot of different models, but most of them are equipped with a water dispenser, a drip tray, and a steaming attachment of some sort to help with steaming milk for different coffee preparations. The usual is that all of these parts are either self-cleaning or removable for easier cleaning and maintenance.

On top of all these features, there are also some other functions that depend entirely on what machine you get. For instance, most machines can also dispense hot water to make tea, but depending on the machine, getting the water alone can be as simple as pressing another dedicated button or as hard as having to go through different menus and options for it.

Choosing the right coffee machine for you

If you have already decided you want one of these machines in your life, then you need to consider what are your priorities. Super automatic ones here are the most sensible choice if you are pressed for time in the mornings and you just need to get your drink as you get ready to leave. There are also semi automatic ones that you can check. If you have some more time to spare and your morning routines include brewing your own coffee, then there are also semi-automatic ones that require you to grind the coffee beans first and do some of the brewing processes yourself. For reference, take a look at some of these models here (link).

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