Easy Peasy Cleaning

Clean House, Happy Home

There is nothing better than waking up to a tidy room, spotless floor, and fresh sheets! There’s something very rewarding about keeping on top of all of your chores and maintaining your home in tip-top shape. A clean environment oftentimes is the key to increased productivity, mental wellbeing, and motivation. It can really aid you in getting out of a slump. No matter what life throws your way, reorganizing your home is a good way to give yourself time to mull everything over. The first (and most important step) is: purging! Chances are, your whole home could benefit from a bit of decluttering. Unwanted and unnecessary material possessions don’t only take up physical space, they also weigh your mind down. Do you feel exhausted when you walk in through the front door? Do your eyes keep wandering to all the trinkets, photo frames, random candles, and stuffed toys when you’re meant to be watching TV? Then it might be time to start over with a blank slate. Begin by sorting everything into 3 handy piles that I like to call: keep it, chuck it, or cycle it. The first two are fairly obvious; and you can choose to either donate or sell the items you place in the third category! By doing this, you not only get to enjoy a clutter-free home, but you also give old things the chance to make someone else happy. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The only logical thing to do next is to find a place for every single item you’ve decided to keep. If everything has its own designated spot, nothing will get lost ever again. No more scouring the drawers in search of a pesky pair of tweezers! It now permanently lives in the bathroom cabinet. All that’s left to do is give your place a thorough scrubbing. Wipe the windows, mop the floors, and dust your bookshelves. To avoid bringing new germs into the house, fill an automatic dispenser with antibacterial soap, and install it in your bathroom. That way, all the nasty bacteria and grime gets flushed down the drain, without setting up shop on your handles and soapdishes.

Self Care

I am someone who thoroughly believes in the saying “beauty comes from the inside.” I am a very uncomplicated person: I wear minimal makeup, and simple, but classic pieces of clothing. I try to not let the hustle and bustle of everyday life get to me. No matter how thick my skin is, recently I’ve noticed myself turning into a bit of a negativity sponge. I just can’t help but worry and overthink. My thoughts always jump to the worst-case scenario. Beauty might be radiating from the inside, but self-care starts from the outside. On gloomy days, where nothing seems to cheer me up, a simple bath and face mask instantly lift my spirits. Keeping gum, lip balm and disinfectant wipes in my purse helps me look my best and feel fresh at all times. When all else fails, I just remind myself to take it one day at a time. Wake up a bit earlier so my mornings don’t feel rushed. And wind down with a good book before bed. Take care and happy cleaning!