dragonfly resturant

Dragon Fly

Set on the ground floor a 1930’s Baptist church with a cabaret Theatre above it this restaurant couldn’t be more charming. Whether you sit in the cobblestoned, tree lined secret garden or in the hexagon shaped dining room surrounded by French doors this restaurant is a highlight of any Ashland trip.

Neil and Dee Clooney

Neil and Dee are living the American dream! They moved to Ashland in 2002 after having a combined 30 years of restaurant service industry experience in England’s premier hotels and restaurants. Upon arriving in California they took up managerial positions in Isabel Cruz and Billy Tosheff’s acclaimed Cantina in San Diego. At Cantina, Dee assumed control of the front of the house and Neil in the kitchen. Two successful years followed before they formed a business partnership with Cruz and Tosheff and opened up Dragonfly Café and Gardens in Ashland. As Dragonfly’s business continues to evolve so does the Clooney’s passion for living and working in this dynamic town.

Congratulations to Neil Clooney, of the Dragonfly Cafe and Gardens, for taking top honors at the Iron Chef Oregon competition hosted by the Bite of Oregon. For more information, please visit: www.biteoforegon.com.

dragonfly resturant

Some Customer Comments

“i live for pancakes. they complete my existence. the whole circle of life type thing. so simple and yet so delicious. ANYWHO i was in ashland and went to dragonfly for brunch and got the king cakes.

peanut butter, bananas, chocolate chips. served with raspberry compote. i can’t believe i ate the whole thing.

it was divine. i want to drive six hours to get there again. i just might. you do not like king cakes you say? try them! try them! and you may.it still stands that these are by far the best pancakes i’ve had in my life. and am seriously considering driving to oregon right now. if i leave now, i can get there by morning.”

“I’m an Ashland local and I have been to the Dragonfly twice in the last month. Each time the food has been fantastic and the service has been good but not great. They have a great patio area, which is where 90% of the customers seem to eat during the summer.

I am a huge fan of the Lettuce Wrap dishes, but every dish I have seen looks wonderful in a new way. The Ahi and the Chicken are excellent also. The portions are perfect for me. Enough to be full, but not overfilled. And the prices are manageable. They have meals ranging from 8 to 20 or so dollars. For now, this is my favorite place to eat out in Ashland.”

“Delicious food, eclectic mix of Latino and Asian flavors in downtown Ashland. Beautiful, serene decor with indoor as well as outdoor seating. Everything is fresh and lively, the service is great and the bar is amazing. Try the Persephone ( a Pomegranate Cosmo) – you won’t regret it. Wonderful breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner – can’t be beat!”

“After getting recommendations to Dragonfly from several locals, we decided to check it out for dinner. First of all, it’s a visually stunning place–all modern Asian decor. It feels special just to walk in the place (we came early–which I would recommend, because the place gets PACKED). The food, an improbable-sounding Asian-Latin fusion, is out of this world. Just exquisite, fresh flavor combinations, beautifully presented.”

“The former church at First and Hargadine streets houses the delightful Oregon Cabaret Theatre. The basement and back patio of the former church houses the equally delightful Dragonfly Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a lovely place to eat, with interesting, fresh, lively, moderately-priced food. At other places my continental breakfast might have been some tired fruit and a dreary store-bought pastry. Dragonfly served a melange of fruit, some so fresh you’d have sworn it was just picked, along with a an airy, ethereal piece of coconut French toast. Coupled with a pot of vanilla tea, it was the best breakfast we had on vacation. The restaurant is ideal for vegetarians and those who are health-conscious, offering tasty, low-fat choices with great panache and pizazz. Chef Isabel is not afraid of using spice and heat to maximum effectiveness. Try for the patio, although inside is welcomingly cool and serene on a hot day.”