Cook Book

Cook Book

Isabel’s Cantina: Bold Latin Flavors from the New California Kitchen

From Isabel’s kitchen to yours.

Isabel’s Cantina contains a collection of unique and delicious recipes for every part of the day, featuring the flavors of mango, lime, coconut, ginger and cilantro as some of Isabel’s staples. From brunch to lunch and dinner courses, to decadent drinks and dessert, she reveals how to create healthy, flavorful dishes without spending too much time in the kitchen. With Isabel’s taste for food and good health, her signature dishes are the perfect recipe for eating well without sacrificing taste.

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Cook Book

The taste of California.

Fresh, local ingredients combined in delicious, new ways, California cuisine has given America something to talk about. The cultural diversity of the southwestern state transfers directly into the foods that come out of it. Allow Isabel to take you on a tour of the new California kitchen with her culturally infused dishes, fresh, flavorful ingredients and a presentation as appetizing as the food itself.